As a consultant for software quality management, process improvement and data protection I support customers in the improvement and assessment of their working processes, with a focus on software and systems development, IT service management and other service processes. Here I help organizations to design their processes in a goal-oriented, efficient and transparent way, thus supporting their (IT) governance.

Depending on the needs and requirements of my customers this support is often based on some relevant models, but is may also be independent of any such model. Due to my relevant publications and my certification as a SCAMPI lead appraiser, most of my customers ask for support based on CMMI (in both the constellations CMMI for Development, CMMI-DEV, and CMMI for Services, CMMI-SVC), but ITIL, the German V-Model XT or the measurement of process quality based on the model Gokyo Ri that I developed myself are also relevant topics. Of course, the target of all such work is the benefit that the organization may draw from the model, and not the satisfaction of the model as such. The models mentioned are tools to achieve business goals, but they are not goals in themselves.

Many years of experience in industry in combination with my (part-time) professorship in business computing provide a good theoretical and practical background for supporting my customers. You will find more information about myself and my qualifications in my profile. The Services page provides some more information about the services offered. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need support on the topics mentioned.